18 Most Used WordPress Announcements Plugins

  • Timeline Express

    Timeline express allows you to create a beautiful vertical animated and responsive timeline of posts , without writing a single line of code. Sweet!


    Provides both widgets and shortcodes to help you display notices and special announcements on your website.

  • Scheduled Announcements Widget

    The Scheduled Announcements Widget lets you add a scrolling list of site announcements to any widgetized area of your site.

  • Simple Banner

    Display a simple banner/bar at the top of your website.

  • WordPress FrontPage Banner

    Plugin to display/insert Custom code (PHP, HTML, Javascript), announcements, Video's, adsense, affiliate/referrals on your blog's front page

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  • Responsive News & Announcements

    An announcement plugin that shows your anouncements/breaking news on top of the website. Stylish show of anouncements will attract the eye of your vis

  • WP-Announcements

    Display a post as a site wide announcement, notice, ad or emergency alert on your website via a marquee or popup window using ShadowBox-JS or ThickBox

  • Quick Business Website

    Business website to showcase your services, staff, announcements, a working contact form, and reviews.

  • YANewsflash

    YANewsflash (Yet Another Newsflash) plugin helps you create newsflashes in the easiest way possible! Just enter the text (HTML also allowed), the dura

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  • Page Announcements

    This plugin enables you to display announcements on your blog posts and pages.

  • HootBoard

    HootBoard is a bulletin board for your community website. Get members engaged, content organized and partner with other local organizations.

  • Responsive Bit Announcement Manager

    Display custom-wide announcements on top of every page, with the ability to schedule messages between two dates.

  • Skysa Announcements App

    Post pop-up ajax announcements for your site visitors. Rich content, announcement experation date and many other announcement options.

  • Summits Alert

    A lightweight plugin that allows you to place a sitewide alert message in the header of your site.

  • sxss Dreamhost Announcements

    You can send E-Mail newsletters with the 'Dreamhost Announcement List' feature from your Wordpress dashboard.

  • WP Exclude

    Allow users to exclude some posts based on cookies or query vars. Useful for allowing visitors to hide sticky posts once they've read them.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite announcements plugins missing from our list.

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