14 Most Used WordPress Back To Top Plugins

  • Scroll Back To Top

    This plugin will add a button that allows users to scroll smoothly to the top of the page.

  • jQuery Smooth Scroll

    Smooth scrolling and smooth "back to top" by activate and forget.

  • WPFront Scroll Top

    WPFront Scroll Top plugin allows the visitor to easily scroll back to the top of the page.

  • Scroll to Top

    Creates a floating box centered in the footer of your site that, and when clicked gently roll the site to the top.

  • Cudazi Scroll to Top

    Version: 0.1 Adds a smooth scroll to top feature/link in the lower-right corner of long pages.

  • ToTop Link

    A simple plugin for WordPress that adds an unobtrusive "back to top" link to your site or blog.

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  • Scroll Top

    Automaticlly adds a flexible Back to Top button to your WordPress website. You can choose color you like, Icon Font or plain text and much more.

  • Scrollbar Designer

    Get rid of boring scrollbar and make your own Custom Scrollbar for your website.

  • WP-Smooth-Scroll

    WP-Smooth-Scroll is a plugin that helps users to scroll smoothly to top of the page.

  • Simple Scroll To Top

    This plugin is the most efficient way to add smooth scroll to top option in your wordpress blog.

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  • Scrollup

    This is just a very simple plugin to have a unified "scroll to top" button throughout your whole blog/site.

  • wp auto top

    GitHub: https://github.com/overtrue/wp-auto-top ????????????????????

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  • cs Back Top

    CS BackTop is a lightweight wordpress plugin to integrate a customizable Back to Top feature to any website with ease.

  • WP Smooth Scroll To Top

    WP Smooth Scroll To Top is a easy to use and flexible WordPress plugin. This plugin place a floating back to top arrow on your site.

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