11 Most Used WordPress Backend Plugins

  • WP Native Dashboard

    Enables selection of administration language either by logon, dashboard quick switcher or user profile setting.

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  • Admin in English

    Admin in English lets you have your administration panel in English, even if the rest of your blog is translated into another language.

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  • Toolbar Publish Button

    Save a lot of your time by scrolling less in WP admin!

  • SEO SearchTerms Admin

    This simple plugin will list all the incoming search terms generated by SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2. You will need to have SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 in

  • Admin Customization

    Customize your Wordpress backend.

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  • Thumbnails for Backend

    Simple plugin to add thumbnails to your Posts list within the WordPress backend.

  • Backend Localization

    This plugin enables you to run your blog in a different language than the backend of your blog. So you can serve your blog using e.g. German as the de

  • Admin Customizer

    A plugin for customizing your admin panel.

  • Featured Galleries

    Do you like giving posts a Featured Image? Try out a Featured Gallery. It's like a Featured Images ... except as many images as you want.

  • Dashboard Notes

    Easily create notes/instructions in the WordPress admin using any widget you like!

  • Customizer

    Add theme's or plugin's options to the WordPress Customizer. Build theme and plugin options accessible from WordPress front-end.

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