16 Most Used WordPress Body Plugins

  • Ambrosite Body Class Enhanced

    Enhances the body_class template tag, adding some extra classes to the body (post/page slugs, post categories, and archive parent categories) useful i

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  • WP Insert Code

    Insert your code and scripts to your Wordpress website

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  • WordPress HTML

    Add raw HTML to any post/page, without the Wordpress editor breaking it.

  • Declutter WordPress

    This plugin lets you remove some of the default headers, tags and classes that WordPress inserts into your template by default.

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  • Add URL Slugs as Body Classes

    Add URL Slugs to `body` Class

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  • Slug as body class

    Add a unique class to the body tag for easy styling of individual pages

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  • Background Changer

    Background Changer helps you change very easy and very fast the background color of your wordpress blog.

  • WP247 Body Classes

    Add unique classes to the body tag for easy styling based on various attributes (archive, user, post, mobile) and WordPress "is" functions.

  • WP file_get_contents()

    A WordPress shortcode for PHP's file_get_contents() function.

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  • Custom Body Class

    A plugin which allows you to add a custom CSS class the HTML body tag

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  • Vücut Kitle Endeksi

    Cinsiyet, boy ve kilo girilerek; Vücut Yüzey Alan?, Ya?s?z Vücut A??rl???, ?deal Vücut A??rl???, Vücut Kitle Endeksi de?erlerini h

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  • BNS Body Classes

    Simple plugin that adds classes to the `body_class` output upon activation, including a range of date related classes.

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  • OS Adder

    Add the operating-system's abbreviation as a CSS-Class to the body-tag.

  • Add Custom Post Type Slugs to Admin Body Class

    Add Custom Post Type Slugs to Admin `<body>` Class

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