18 Most Used WordPress Bounce Rate Plugins

  • Reduce Bounce Rate

    Get the real Bounce Rate and Time On Site in Google Analytics. Simple and effective.

  • Related Posts for WordPress

    Display related posts without slowing down your website! Link all your existing content with only 1 click, get related posts for all your posts today!

  • Analytics Reduce Bounce Rate

    Adds Fixed Google Analytics Tracking Code to Your Footer.

  • Search Engine query in Wordpress

    If the visitor comes from a known search engine, the widget grabs the used search query and shows internal blog posts that match that query.

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  • Analytics Control Plus

    Set up Google Analytics with options (demographics and enhanced link tracking), no JavaScript editing. Does bounce timeout, so more accurate stats. Al

  • Adjusted Bounce Rate

    A well-designed plugin that improves the accuracy of your bounce rate, time on page, and session duration metrics in Google Analytics.

  • Wordpress Mobile Gestures by errnio

    errnio adds gesture engagement actions to your mobile site, enhancing experience, content circulation and time spent on your site.

  • WP Float Related Posts

    A wordpress plugin for increase pageviews by showing popup with related posts.

  • Wordpress Mobile Zoom by errnio

    Zoom by errnio enhances the mobile zoom experience on any image on your wordpress site, offering better zoom, sharing, and image discovery.

  • Wordpress Swipe by errnio

    Swipy offers your mobile site visitors more of your content with swipe action cards, enhancing experience, content circulation and time spent.

  • Search on search

    A widget that tries to improve the site Bounce rate by producing links to posts and pages matching search engine terms used to find the page.

  • WP Lucky Search

    Adds a Google like I'm feeling lucky button to the WordPress Search form and redirects to the random post depending upon search term.

  • Recommended Content by errnio

    Recommended Content by errnio offers your mobile site visitors more of your content when they are done reading your articles.

  • Further Reading

    Display related content for further reading in most common ways to lower bounce rate of your site or blog

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  • SearchEkko

    SearchEkko is a "related posts" widget that uses visitors' search referral terms to find and present your best-matching posts.

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  • Wordpress Tap Select by errnio

    Tap Select enhances text selection on your mobile site with useful information on any text, as well as additional actions.

  • Wordpress Tap to Define by errnio

    Tap to Define offers your mobile site visitors a definition at the tap of a text, without having to leave your site.

  • Wordpress Tap to Search by errnio

    Wordpress Tap to Search offers your mobile site visitors related search phrases and content at the tap of a text.

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