14 Most Used WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins

  • Breadcrumb NavXT

    Adds breadcrumb navigation showing the visitor's path to their current location.

  • Breadcrumb Trail

    A powerful script for adding breadcrumbs to your site that supports Schema.org HTML5-valid microdata.

  • Prime Strategy Bread Crumb

    Adds the function to display breadcrumbs navigation.

  • Really Simple Breadcrumb

    This is a simple WP Plugin which lets you use Breadcrumbs for Pages!

  • WP SiteManager

    WP SiteManager is an integrated package comprising of necessary functions for using WordPress as a CMS.

  • RDFa Breadcrumb

    An easy template tag for showing a breadcrumb menu on your site and on google search results with built in RDFa Markup.

  • Breadcrumb

    Super light weight & easy Breadcrumb for wordpress site

  • Wordpress Navigation List Plugin NAVT

    Create, organize and manage your WordPress menus and navigation lists by logically grouping your pages, categories, users via a drag'n drop interface.

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  • Full Breadcrumb

    Show breadcrumb for taxonomies, custom posts and all another pages.

  • DP RDFa Breadcrumb Generator

    A RDFa breadcrumbs generator, specifically made for SEO purposes, that works in every scenario and displays the correct rich snippets in Google.

  • WPshore Breadcrumbs

    An easy-to-use template tag for showing a breadcrumb menu on your site.

  • Hansel & Gretel: Fine-Tuned Breadcrumb Generator

    Simple microdata-enabled breadcrumbs generator

  • Surbma - Yoast Breadcrumb Shortcode

    A simple shortcode to include Yoast's breadcrumb function everywhere on your WordPress website.

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  • BreadCrumb NavXT Widget

    Provides Widget support for the [BreadCrumb NavXT Plugin](http://mtekk.weblogs.us/code/breadcrumb-navxt/)

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite breadcrumb plugins.

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