15 Most Used WordPress Cards Plugins

  • JM Twitter Cards

    Easy integration of Twitter cards in WordPress. All card types provided.

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  • Twitter Cards Meta

    Undoubtedly The Best Twitter Card Plugin in WordPress. Supports Summary Card with Large Image. App Card & Player Card Support Coming Soon.

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  • Online Games

    Display up to 83 free HD Flash Games in your website easily using shortcodes. Arcade games like Mario, Solitaire, Backgammon, Chess & more.

  • Flipping Cards

    Create sexy flipping cards !

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  • WP Trello

    A plugin to display data from Trello in your WordPress site.

  • WP E-Cards

    Allows you to quickly turn any post or page into a virtual postcard app for your site visitors.

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  • Magic the Gathering Card Tooltips

    Easily transform Magic the Gathering card names into links that show the card image in a tooltip when hovering over them. You can also quickly create

  • Payment Form for PayPal Pro

    Payment Form for PayPal Pro for accepting credit cards directly into your website without navigating to a PayPal page. Official Paypal Partner.

  • Credit Card Payment

    PayPal Credit Card Payment. Develop by Official PayPal Partner.

  • Postcards

    Transform every WordPress gallery in a postcards system!

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  • Cards poker

    Version: 1.3.5 Converti les tags du genre [As] [10d] en son équivalent graphique.

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  • Hearthstone Cards for WordPress

    Hearthstone Cards for WordPress adds an overlay to written card names and displays the associated image while hovering them.

  • Twitter Card Generator

    Generate Twitter Cards for tweets linking posts

  • Norse Rune Oracle Plugin

    The Norse Runes Oracle Plugin allows you to interpret single runes or do rune castings.

  • wrp-cards

    Replace cards by a graphical representation of the card.

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