19 Most Used WordPress Children Plugins

  • Advanced Post List

    Create custom post lists with easy to use advanced settings. Highly customizable for designing unique post-list designs.

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  • Subpages Extended

    A multi widget to list subpages of a page. It also comes with a `[subpages]` shortcode. You can find more widgets, plugins and themes at [shailan.com]

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  • Add Descendants As Submenu Items

    Automatically all of a nav menu item's descendants as submenu items. Designed for pages but will work with any hierarchical post type or taxonomy

  • Child Page Navigation

    Provides a theme-independent widget that lists the child pages underneath the current page.

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  • WP-Parsi navigation trees

    This plugin create dynamic expand/collapse tree-widget navigation from wordpress nav menu.

  • YT Tree Menu

    This plugin is designed to be a page menu for people using WordPress as a CMS

  • Andy's List Subpages Plugin

    Nice and simple plugin that lists the children of a certain page or post in link format.

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  • NotFound.org 404 Page

    This is a Wordpress plugin that turns your 404 "page not found" error into a page devoted to helping find missing children.

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  • Children Excerpt Shortcode

    Shortcode creates an index-like list of child pages displaying exceprts of each page

  • Children Index Shortcode

    Shortcode Creates an Index of the child pages.

  • Posts List

    Create beautiful posts lists of any Wordpress Post type easily in seconds

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  • WP Child Pages

    This Plugin displays child pages of the parent page it is placed on. Display your child pages by widget or visual shortcode.

  • Child Navigation

    Adds support for child navigation to wp_nav_menu()

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  • Custom Post Type Tree - parents children relationship

    Create Parents / Children Relationship between different post types checking one or more parent.

  • Children Content Shortcode

    Shortcode creates an index-like list of child pages displaying content of each page

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  • Hikari Featured Comments

    It adds 3 new custom fields to comments (Featured, Buried, Children buried), allowing you to add special properties to each of them.

  • Category Parent Children Selector

    Helps you in selecting parent-children categories.

  • Custom Index Shortcode

    Create customizable lists of pages by using a simple shortcode which can be called directly from buttons in both TinyMCE and HTML editors.

  • Child Height Predictor by Ostheimer

    How tall will your kid grow? Predict the height of your child!

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