10 Most Used WordPress Copy Protection Plugins

  • WP Content Copy Protection

    WP Content Copy Protection uses aggressive techniques in protecting your online content (text/source/images/video/audio) from being stolen.

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  • Fantastic Content Protector Free

    This Plugin will automatically protect the content of your WordPress site.

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  • Content Copy Protection & Prevent Image Save

    Content Copy Protection & Prevent Image Save is a plugin for content protection from copying to other sites, it prevents content and protect from

  • Copy Protect

    Copy Protect will Prevent your site content from getting copied.

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  • Photo Protect

    Adds an invisible layer over your images to protect them from copying.

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  • TG Copy Protection

    Copy protect contents by disabling mouse and keyboard commands, or by emptying copied text, or show copyright text with copied text, and more.

  • WP Copy Data Protector

    Then WP Copy Data Protector plugin block copy data, Content etc...

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  • Plagiary Search

    Find websites that copy/paste your content without authorization.

  • WP Illegal Content Copy Notice Append

    This plugin appends a notice/warning along with a credit link from the original source, to any content that is illegally copied from your site.

  • wp-cprotext

    CPROTEXT protects your texts from unauthorized and fraudulent copy. The protected texts are immune to in-browser copy/paste and HTML code parsing.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite copy protection plugins.

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