10 Most Used WordPress Crawlers Plugins

  • GM Block Bots

    This blocks semalt.com, buttons-for-website.com and others with a 403 Forbidden message so that they no longer show up in your Google Analytics stats.

  • Multipart robots.txt editor

    Customize your site's robots.txt and include remote content to it

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  • SEO Crawlytics by Elevatelocal

    SEO Crawlytics helps you gain a better understanding of the behaviour of robots.

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  • LJPL Armored robots.txt

    Add some directives to your robots.txt file to keep your site safer

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  • MetaRobots by SEO-Sign

    The easiest way to manage meta robots tag.

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  • EMAILProtect

    Protects e-mail addresses from being found by spam spiders (or any other web crawler).

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  • WP Block Semalt

    Simply uses the HTTP_REFERER to determine if it's from 'Semalt', and blocks it with a nice 403 "Unauthorized" response.

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  • Seo Crawlytics Data Export & Delete

    Exports all entries of Seo Crawlytics and gives you the option to delete the entries that are older than 1 month.

  • SpiderSquash

    SpiderSquash analyzes client behavior and determines whether or not a client is a legitimate user or a malicious bot.

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  • RobotsWhiz

    Easy way to discourage search engines from indexing only specific pages / posts.

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