13 Most Used WordPress Crosspost Plugins

  • VKontakte API

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  • LiveJournal Crossposter

    Automatically crossposts your WP entries to your LiveJournal or LJ-based clone.

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  • Tumblr Crosspostr

    Tumblr Crosspostr cross-posts your WordPress entries to Tumblr. Changes to your WordPress posts are reflected in your Tumblr posts.

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  • publishToMixi

    This plugin allows you to crosspost your entries to mixi.

  • LIci WP

    LiveInternet crossposting plugin

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  • WordPress Crosspost

    WordPress Crosspost cross-posts content from your self-hosted WordPress blogs to your WordPress.com sites. Updates are crossposted, too.

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  • CrossPress

    Automatically, cross-posting to assiciated site/blog to enabling the post-via-email option with PIN code e.g. multiply.com, livejournal.com, blogspot.

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  • Xpost

    Xpost allows you to crosspost your posts to other Wordpress blogs and to Community Server.

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  • Livejournal Crossposter Remix

    Automatically copies all posts to a LiveJournal or other LiveJournal-based blog (exclude text in shortcode [nocrosspost]smth[/nocrosspost] - buttons f

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  • NiftyFrog OG

    Places meta tags in your blog's header, so a suitable image and description show, when crossposting to Facebook or generating a Twitter Card.

  • Livejournal Crossposter Remix Rus translate

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  • IP.Board Comments

    Version: 1.3.1 Use IP.Board to manage your comments.

  • LJ comments import: reloaded

    Automatically synchronizes comments from Your LiveJournal blog with Your stand-alone Wordpress-based blog.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite crosspost plugins.

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