17 Most Used WordPress Develop Plugins

  • EmbedIt Pro by SuperThemes

    Embed HTML code in a post (or page, or a sidebar widget) allowing you freedom of coding your HTML separately, using shortcodes or custom fields.

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  • Busted!

    Force browsers to load the most recent file if modified.

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  • RTLer

    This plugin, RTLer, generates the RTL stylesheet for you from your theme's 'style.css' or any other CSS file.

  • Shortcodes Generator

    A plugin to generate shortcodes and a corresponding button in the WordPress visual editor. Wicked!

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  • WP Local Toolbox

    A simple plugin to help manage development over local, staging and production servers.

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  • Token Manager

    The Token Manager allows web developers to program PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript into tokens that can be used throughout WordPress.

  • WP Backpack

    Das WordPress Plugin WP Backpack ist eine gebündelte Sammlung von wichtigen Optionen und Funktionen für WordPress.

  • WP Log in Browser

    Allows you to log data from your PHP WordPress code to your browser's console. Annoyed you can't var_dump from an AJAX handler? Not anymore

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  • hiWeb Core

    The plugin allows you to quickly create Web sites on WordPress, immediately unpack and activate the archives of favorite plug-ins, show common adminis

  • Query Monitor Extension : Checking Variable

    Check your variables with Query Monitor

  • Site Renamer

    Update the site name to match your current theme name. It's useful for local development.

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  • Reloadr for WordPress

    Watching web project files for change, and refreshes their page automatically.

  • hiWeb Plugins / Scripts Server

    If you are creating multiple sites, and every time you need to download the same plug-ins, including paid versions - then this plugin is for you!

  • Try theme to develop

    This plugin detect if current user have the capacity of "edit_themes" and then he can change the template to develop it.

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  • uWebic wordpress framework

    A framework to ease up the process of developing new plugins for wordpress.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite develop plugins.

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