15 Most Used WordPress Domain Plugins

  • WordPress Move

    Enables you to back up your installation to restore to at any time, change the domain name in use and migrate your installation to another server.

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  • MultiDomain

    Allows multiple domains to be pointed at a single WordPress install with customization for each.

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  • Any Hostname

    Any Hostname alters all WordPress-generated URLs according to the servers current hostname, allowing you to use a single site on multiple hostnames.

  • Follow Nofollow Control

    You can set all your external links are follow or nofollow by default. You can exclude some domains you want.

  • Change WP URL

    Use this only if you're trying to move your WordPress install to another domain.

  • UmanIT Update URLs

    Updates all URLs in the database after moving your site from one domain to another.

  • Domain Mirror

    Domain Mirror is a plugin to allow one Wordpress installation to be accessed form more than one domain.

  • Domain Theme

    Domain Theme allows you to specify more then one domain name with your WordPress installation and assign individual themes to each one.

  • Block Referer Spam

    Blocks referer/referral spam from accessing your site and cleans up your Google Analytics in the process!

  • WordPress Domain Search

    This plugin allows you to create domain search bars using widgets or shortcode.

  • Heat Map Tracker

    Analyze your visitors via Mouse Click and Mouse Move Heat Maps!

  • MiniMU

    Manage multiple blogs with a single standard WordPress installation. Each may have its own theme and domain while sharing users and administration.

  • WP-Copy (Free)

    Moves your WordPress site from a domain to another one without pains.

  • WP Multi Network

    Adds a Network Management UI for super admins in a WordPress Multisite environment

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  • HTTPS domain alias

    Enable your site to have a different domains for HTTP and HTTPS.

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