18 Most Used WordPress Draft Plugins

  • WP Clean Up

    WP Clean Up can help us to clean up the wordpress database by removing "revision" "draft" "auto draft" and so on.

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  • Bulk Delete

    Bulk delete posts, pages, users, attachments and meta fields based on different conditions and filters.

  • Public Post Preview

    Enables you to give a link to anonymous users for public preview of a post before it is published.

  • Advanced Post List

    Create custom post lists with easy to use advanced settings. Highly customizable for designing unique post-list designs.

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  • WP CleanFix

    The all in one tool for check, repair, fix and optimize your WordPress blog.

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  • Auto Post Scheduler

    This plugin will schedule 'auto post checks' to publish new posts and/or recycle old posts automatically.

  • Share a Draft

    Let your friends preview one of your drafts, without giving them permissions to edit posts in your blog

  • Require Post Category

    Require users to choose a post category before saving a draft, updating a post, or publishing a post.

  • Electric Studio Auto Post Expire

    Adds an expiry date and time to posts, pages, or custom post types after which the post becomes expired.

  • Clean UP

    Clean junk files or trashes that automatically created due to autosaving while writting new Posts. Deleting these junks will keep your database clean

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  • Draft Notifier

    Draft Notifier sends a notification email to your blog's admin address when a post written by a Contributor is Submitted for Review.

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  • Color Admin Posts

    Change the background colors of the post/page within the admin based on the current status : Draft, Pending, Published, Future, Private.

  • Post Status Menu Items

    Adds post status links–e.g. "Draft" (7)–to post type admin menus and a few other nice goodies.

  • Quick Drafts Access

    Adds links to 'All Drafts' and 'My Drafts' under the Posts, Pages, and other custom post type sections in the admin menu.

  • Force Post Category Selection

    Version: 1.1 This is simple plugin which forces the users to select atleast one category from the list while publishing a new post.

  • Live Drafts

    An editor can make changes to a live page and then save as a draft and preview before publishing over the existing page/post.

  • Easy WP Cleaner

    Easy WP Cleaner is user friendly plugin to clean unnecessary data from WordPress database and also allows you to optimize your WordPress database.

  • Daily Cleaner & Optimiser Lite

    Manual and automatic Cleaning of data tables (MyISAM or InnoDB)

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite draft plugins.

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