15 Most Used WordPress Editorial Plugins

  • CoSchedule by Todaymade

    This plugin connects to CoSchedule, a team content marketing editorial calendar. Send unlimited social messages with each blog post.

  • Edit Flow

    Redefining your editorial workflow.

  • PressForward

    PressForward provides an integrated workflow for curating content aggregated from the web.

  • Oasis Workflow

    Automate your WordPress Editorial Workflow with Oasis Workflow. Simple, intuitive drag and drop workflow builder to streamline your editorial process.

  • Wordpress Default Category

    Auto select categories for new posts based on user or site-wide settings.

  • Automatic Post Scheduler

    A plugin that automatically schedules posts depending on a min/max threshold and the last post's publish date and time.

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  • Content Progress

    Manage your work flow: mark WordPress posts and Pages as complete or incomplete, or as needing review. Add notes for editorial needs.

  • Wordpress Default Text

    Insert configureable text defaults for new content title and body fields.

  • Pressroom

    Turns WordPress into a multiple channel publishing platform.

  • Contenido Team Manager

    Manage your team, production costs, and tasks so you can create great content for your audience without exceeding your budget.

  • Editorial Comments

    Facilitates discussion between authors and editors by inserting a comment system below the post creation form.

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  • Ice Visual Revisions

    Adds revision tracking to the visual editor. Modified, added, or deleted text is shown in color, along with the user and time of change.

  • Editorial Guidelines

    With editorial guidelines you can show a quick and small box next to the edit screens of both the page and post page.

  • Simple Editorial Guidelines

    This plugin enables you to display a simple panel containing your editorial guidelines in the post edit admin to users of your choosing.

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  • Eight Day Week Print Workflow

    Optimize publication workflows by using WordPress as your print CMS

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