20 Most Used WordPress Editors Plugins

  • Theme Junkie Team Content

    Adds a Teams section to your WordPress website.

  • Pending Posts Indicator

    Will show a bubble in the left-hand admin menu of the number of posts pending review, if more than zero.

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  • Editor Menu and Widget Access

    Allow Editors access to the Menus and Widgets areas of WordPress admin's Appearance menu, whilst hiding the theme selection page.

  • Stimulate Correct Headings

    This plugin stimulates WordPress editors to use correct headings for accessibility and seo.

  • Editorial Comments

    Facilitates discussion between authors and editors by inserting a comment system below the post creation form.

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  • Scribendi.com Editing and Proofreading Services

    Scribendi provides ISO 9001 certified, comprehensive, and professional editing services to WordPress users. Our services are available 24/7.


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  • Multiple Editors

    Allow multiple editors and contributors per post or page. Also enable contributors and authors to upload files and add new pages by default.

  • eAngel.me Proofread your content. Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation And Proper Use Of Words.

    eAngel provides a 24/7 professional proofreading services to WordPress users.

  • Xinha for Wordpress

    Xinha for Wordpress allows you to use the Xinha WYSIWYG editor package in various content creation and edit screens. The behavior of Xinha is contro

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  • Tag, Category & Author Link Button

    Adds a new button to the post and page editing TinyMCE toolbar (though only in visual/rich editing mode) for creating tag, category and author links t

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  • editnpublish.com Easy English Editing

    Editnpublish can help all non-native writers write clear and grammatically correct English.

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  • Editor's Columns

    Adds several new columns to the post table to help editors get rid of poor-quality content quickly.

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  • Starts for editors

    This Plugin displays simple site stats in the admin toolbar as opposed to from the main admin menu, this allows all users (all who see the toolbar) to

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  • GM Site Admin

    This plugin creates a Site Administrator user role.

  • Show Post Busy Status

    Very simple plugin, though it will save blog editors one step rather than bumping heads over publishing pending posts. This plugin adds a new column

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