17 Most Used WordPress Embed Video Plugins

  • Video Sidebar Widgets

    Video Sidebar Widgets to display videos such as Vimeo, YouTube, MySpace Videos etc. Now with added shortcode and quicktag to embed video in post and p

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  • BuddyPress Activity Plus

    BuddyPress Activity Plus allows for embedding of oEmbed videos and media in your activities.

  • WordPress YouTube Embed

    YouTube Embed plugin is an convenient tool for adding video to your website. Use YouTube Embed plugin to add YouTube videos in posts/pages, widgets.

  • WordPress Video Player

    Spider Video Player is a WordPress video plugin that allows you to easily add videos to your website.

  • Easy Video Player

    Easy Video Player allows you to embed videos into your WordPress site.

  • Google for WordPress

    Plugin to integrate Google's products in WordPress as Google+, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Maps, Panoramio, Youtube & more.

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  • Video Player

    Inserting video player on a page is a perfect way to supplement website with media content and expand the user’s interest in your site.

  • vimeo quicktag

    insert vimeo quicktag with full embed options as provided by vimeo

  • Videojs HTML5 Player

    Embed video files beautifully in WordPress using Videojs HTML5 Player

  • Video Blogster Lite

    Create a video blog in minutes! This plugin searches YouTube for content and automatically creates posts from the results.

  • Blue Wrench Video Widget

    Blue Wrench Video Widget enables the user to embed videos from various video sharing networks. Its simple, quick and efficient way to manage videos

  • JW Player 7 for Wordpress

    JW Player 7 for Wordpress gives you all what you need to publish videos on your posts and pages, with the new JW7. Skins, position, share.

  • vimeo sidebar widget

    A simple sidebar widget to display vimeo video. Updated for Wordpress 2.8. Do not upgrade if you are using WordPress 2.7.1

  • VidAnalytic (defunkt)

    VidAnalytic is a free companion solution to Google Analytics for tracking embedded video usage on site.

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  • Embed Object

    EN: With this plugin you can easily embed flash objects and YouTube videos in your wordpress blog. You can use it in posts and pages, and you can use

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  • Viddler Wordpress plugin

    Publish videos from Viddler and enable video comments on your site.

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  • Brid Video Easy Publish

    Seamlessly embed your videos (YouTube, streaming, HTML5, Flash) using Brid video players into your WordPress site or blog.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite embed video plugins.

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