11 Most Used WordPress Engine Plugins

  • Meta Keywords Generator

    Adds Meta keywords and Description to each and every page, post, archive.

  • Remove P

    Avoid adding unwanted P (paragraph) tags for individual pages and posts.

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  • Elastic Theme Editor

    A interactive theme editor and theme engine for WordPress.

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  • Visitor Maps Extended Referer Field

    Extend Visitor Maps and Who's Online with extra features, such as IP and referer banning. Display the referring host name and search string.

  • WP Booking System

    Booking system for WordPress. Bookings made easy! Easy to configure and customize.

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  • Custom Metas

    To assign meta description and keywords to each post of all post types to make wordpress website as search engine friendly.

  • WordPress WP-Advanced-Search

    "WP-Advanced-Search" est un moteur de recherche complet et puissant pour WordPress entièrement modulable.

  • JSON Content Importer

    Plugin to import, cache and display a JSON-Feed. Connect your Wordpress to an API / Webservice. Display is done with wordpress-shortcode.

  • WP MediaTagger

    Extensively configurable plugin packed with a bunch of features enabling media tagging, search and media taxonomy.

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  • iTunes Link Engine

    Download the iTunes Link Engine to automatically localize and affiliate iTunes product links to improve user experience and increase conversions.

  • Blade

    Brings Laravel's great template engine, Blade, to Wordpress. Just install and start using blade in your theme.

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any engine plugins in our list.

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