19 Most Used WordPress Exclude Plugins

  • WP-Ban

    Ban users by IP, IP Range, host name, user agent and referrer url from visiting your WordPress's blog.

  • Simply Exclude

    Provides an interface to selectively exclude/include all Taxonomies, Post Types and Users from the 4 actions used by WordPress. is_front, is_archive,

  • Ultimate Category Excluder

    Ultimate Category Excluder allows you to quickly and easily exclude categories from your front page, archives, feeds, and search results.

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  • Page Link Manager

    Adds an administration panel that allows you to pick which page links are included in your site's navigation. If your theme uses widgets, Page Link Ma

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  • Custom Recent Posts Widget

    A widget to show recent posts list based on categories or tags

  • IM8 Exclude Pages

    Adds a meta box to the Edit Page page where you can set to show or exclude the page from page listings.

  • Exclude Pages, Tags, Posts, Links & Categories (integrate with WiziApp powered mobile Apps)

    Exclude pages, tags, links & categories by un checking the the "Display on your web site" checkbox, Use an excluded Tag to exclude Posts

  • Simple Yearly Archive

    Simple Yearly Archive is a rather neat and simple Wordpress plugin that allows you to display your archives in a year-based list.

  • NoFollow Free

    NoFollow Free removes the "nofollow" tag from your Wordpress blog's comments with a lot of custom options and provides the option to insert a "NoFollo

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  • Like-Button-Plugin-For-Wordpress

    This plugin adds a Like-Button wherever you want on your blog. Before or after the content as well as a sidebar-widget. And many more!

  • Wordpress CSS Drop-down Menu

    Use Wordpress' nav menu system to create left/right widget flyouts, with support for Superfish

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  • Category Excluder Widget

    This widget allows you to easily create a specific category list. You can exclude any categories you please.

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  • Like Gate

    Like Gate allows you to reveal some hidden/secret content when the user likes the article. Therefore increasing the likeness of your articles.

  • Categories but exclude

    Displays all categories except those selected in widget preferences.

  • SensitiveTagCloud

    This wordpress plugin provides a tagcloud that shows tags depending of the current context (e.g. Category, Author, Tag, Post) only. The tag-links of t

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  • Recent Posts by Tags

    This plugin creates a widget with a list of recent posts belonging to selected tags

  • Just One Category

    On a category's archive page, displays only the posts directly in that category, not in any sub-categories.

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  • Recently updated posts widget

    Displays the last updated or written publication. Categories, custom post, latest publications and old updates may be excluded from the display.

  • Multi Pages widget

    MultiPages allows to easily organize your pages into your sidebar. You can have up to 9 widgets with subpages selection, exclusions and choose order..

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite exclude plugins.

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