14 Most Used WordPress Financial Plugins

  • Advanced Real Estate Mortgage Calculator

    Advanced Real Estate Mortgage Calculator is an easy-to-use financial calculator and a great tool for real estate websites. Quickly calculates monthly

  • Stock Ticker

    Easy add customizable moving or static ticker tapes with stock information for custom stock symbols.

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  • Custom Stock Ticker

    Create customizable moving stock tickers that can be placed anywhere on a site using shortcodes.

  • Custom Stock Widget

    The Custom Stock Widget plugin allows you to place stock widgets onto your site using shortcodes.

  • CC Mortgage Calculator

    Add a free simple customizable mortgage calculator to your web site.

  • WorldCurrency

    Recognises users by IP address and shows them converted values in their local currency, you can write post/pages in multiple currencies.

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  • LocalCurrency

    Show currency values to readers in their local currency (in brackets after the original value).

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  • WP Accounting

    Wordpress Accounting provides a simple way for businesses to record income and expenses, and generate financial reports

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  • Debt Calculator

    Add a debt calculator to your website to help users determine how long it will take to pay off debt.

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  • CC Canadian Mortgage Calculator

    Add a free simple customizable Canadian mortgage calculator to your web site.

  • Financial Freedom Graph

    Chart your path to financial freedom by setting and achieving your public goals.

  • Investment Decision Helper

    This tool will allow you to compare return rates of two different custom instruments in order to help you taking the best decision..

  • WOW Index

    This plugin displays the WOW Index | A Modern Day Tape Reader For Today's Electronic Markets from algofutures

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  • Financial Mathematics

    Practice financial mathematics questions for the actuarial exams. Define and calculate interest rates, annuity certain, mortgage repayment, project va

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