20 Most Used WordPress Fontawesome Plugins

  • WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons

    WordPress button plugin so powerful and easy to use anyone to create beautiful buttons and social share icons.

  • TemplatesNext ToolKit

    Custom Portfolio, Testimonial and Shortcode functionality for TemplatesNext Wordpress Themes

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  • WP Canvas - Shortcodes

    A family of shortcodes to enhance your site functionality.

  • WP Visual Icon Fonts

    Font Awesome Icons and more in the visual editor with filter-search and rich content editing at your fingertips

  • Menu Social Icons

    Add social icons to your WordPress menu items automatically.

  • StagTools

    StagTools is a powerful plugin to extend functionality to your WordPress themes offering shortcodes, FontAwesome icons and useful widgets.

  • Socials Ignited

    The Socials Ignited plugin gives you a widget, allowing you to display and link icons on your website of more than 50 social networks.

  • AGP Font Awesome Collection

    The latest Font Awesome icons with HTML and shortcodes usage, dynamic visualizer for TinyMCE, promotion widget and other features in the one plugin

  • Xpert Accordion

    Drag and Drop accordion shortcode Builder

  • FontAwesome.io ShortCodes

    This plugin allows the easy use of the entire Font Awesome Icon-Set through ShortCodes anywhere on your site.

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  • Xpert Tab

    Drag and Drop tab shortcode Builder

  • Onepager - One Page Builder

    Modern, Powerful & Crazy Fast one page builder. Built with modern tools such ReactJS for next generation theming.

  • Service Boxes Widgets Text Icon

    Service Boxes Widgets Text Icon will display Top, bottom, Left, Right for widget title.

  • Ayo Shortcodes

    Yet another shortcodes plugin for WordPress.

  • WP Fontallic Easypromoweb

    Font Awesome Icons and more in the visual editor with filter-search and rich content editing at your fingertips

  • JKL Reviews

    A simple Reviews plugin to review books, music, movies, products, or online courses with Star Ratings and links out to related sites.

  • WP Font Awesome

    This plugin allows you to easily embed Font Awesome icon to your site with simple shortcodes.

  • Simple Business Data

    Insert your Font Awesome, easily styled, customizable, business data (address, telephone, fax, email) into your theme using shortcodes.

  • webZunder Sharing Icons

    Add social sharing icons to your WordPress to get your blogposts better shared.

  • Ionicons Official

    Add over 900 free and open source mobile, iOS, Android, and social media icons to your wordpress site with the only official Ionicons WordPress plugin

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