11 Most Used WordPress Generation Plugins

  • Quick Cache (Speed Without Compromise)

    **NOTICE: This plugin is no longer maintained.** Quick Cache has been renamed to ZenCache.

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  • Zen Cache

    ZenCache is an advanced WordPress caching plugin inspired by simplicity. Speed up your site (BIG time!) with a reliable and fast WordPress cache.

  • NextGEN Scroll Gallery

    Awesome free JavaScript gallery. BMo-Design's Mootools Javascript ScrollGallery as a Plugin for the Wordpress NextGEN Gallery.

  • WP Excerpt Generator

    générateur d'extraits pour WordPress avec plusieurs options... (excerpts generator for WordPress with several options...).

  • Formidable PRO2PDF

    Map web forms to PDF forms then with one simple shortcode - display a link on any post, page, form, or view the merged PDF on a PC or mobile device.

  • bodi0`s Easy cache

    Speed up your blog with Easy Cache, bullet-proof and easy-to-use website caching mechanism for WordPress that just works.

  • Summy: Excerpt Extraction

    Summy generates excerpts for your posts by applying various algorithms for automatic summarization extraction.

  • Simple PDF bar

    Adds a lead generation bar to the top or bottom of your pdf documents

  • Australian Live Generation By Fuel Type Widget

    Australian Live Generation by Fuel Type widget by Global-Roam.

  • Vampire Character Manager

    For managing characters for LARPs and online vampire games.

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  • GenTime

    GenTime shows the page generation time in the WordPress admin bar.

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Should we add any generation plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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