20 Most Used WordPress Gif Plugins

  • MimeTypes Link Icons

    Adds icons automatically to any uploads and/or file links inserted into your blog posts.

  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer

    Easy-to-use, lightweight plugin that optimizes images & PDFs. Make your website faster, keeping the images’ high quality. WooCommerce compatible

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  • Image/Banner Widget

    Add Images and Banners to your sidebars easily! Add title, link, alternative text, even set the link targets with one widget. No coding required!

  • Lightbox

    Add custom lightbox attribute to linked flash files or images in posts, pages and comments, group images using ID.

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  • GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud

    Seamlessly embed and display PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on your WordPress website.

  • Iframely Responsive Embeds

    Iframely converts URLs in your posts into responsive embed widgets for 1700+ domains and summary cards for others.

  • KB Easy PicasaWeb

    Picasa users: The simplest way to display a Picasa album inside a page or post. Just put a link to your album in a post; this plugin does the rest.

  • Picasna

    Picasa users: Just paste your Picasaweb album link in a post or page and Picasna will create a stylish fullscreen gallery. Supports unlisted albums. T

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  • GIF Animation Preview

    Replace GIF animations to a static preview image

  • WP GIF Player

    WP GIF Player is an easy to use GIF Player for WordPress. It prevents GIF-files from loading on page load, boosting your page load time.

  • Giphypress

    This plugin that allows you to inject Giphy GIFs into your Wordpress posts with ease.

  • WP Gfycat

    A simple shortcode to add your gfycat videos into your website.

  • Stu's Quick Pic

    A simple plug-in widget to allow the display of a picture from its URL.

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  • Tango/GNOME Smilies

    Replace the blocky default (GIF) smilies with beautiful Tango/GNOME (PNG) smilies.

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  • Utech Spinning Earth

    Put a slowly spinning earth on your site with shortcode. Incredible small file size, realistic and rich graphics.

  • Klix Image DimSum

    Addicted to speed. Squeeze out a better Google ranking with no effort. Optimize image content for viewing by the end user.

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  • Gfycat Embed

    Enables live embeding of Gfycat links

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  • Tui's Author Intro For Post

    This plugin has been written to insert an Author introduction to each post, based on its post Author and their bio etc.

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  • Sirv CDN & Image Manager

    Image management plugin to resize, optimize and serve images via Sirv's CDN. Includes image zoom, 360 spin, dynamic and responsive images.

  • PDImageAnimation

    This plugin/widget is the wordpress interface to your favourite photos, images and cliparts organized in slideshows at the Online-Slideshow-Community-

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite gif plugins.

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