16 Most Used WordPress Gift Plugins

  • WooCommerce - Gift Cards

    Gift Cards for WooCommerce allows you to create gift cards that your customers purchase on your site.

  • WP Gift Certificate Lite

    WP Gift Certificate Lite is a plugin which allows you to manage and sell printable gift certificates on your website using QR encoding image.

  • WP Giveaways

    Create a giveaway program. Select winners from specific user roles to encourage subscriptions to your blog.

  • YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

    Allow your users to purchase and give gift cards, an easy and direct way to encourage new sales.

  • Woocommerce Gift Wrapper

    Holidays are always coming! Offer your customers gift wrapping, per order, in the WooCommerce cart.

  • WP Analytics Pro

    Displays various statistical informations in graphical chart for User Registration,New Posts,Comments,Buddypress Activity,New Updates,Birth Chart,Foru

  • WPGC eGift Card

    WPGC eGift Card Lite is a plugin which allows you to manage and sell printable eGift Card on your website using QR encoding image.

  • WooCommerce Gift Options Plugin

    The plugin add "Send As Gift" on WooCommerce checkout page.

  • Gift Certificate Creator

    This WordPress plugin allows your users to conveniently create gift certificates from your site.

  • Gift Buddypress Addons

    Gift Buddypress Addons provide gift management functionality with buddypress plugin.

  • Gift Ribbon

    Add a image with a link on the top right corner of your website

  • Gift on User Registration

    Sends attached a gift (file) to the welcome email every time a new user registers itself.

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