10 Most Used WordPress Git Plugins

  • Revisr

    A simple plugin for managing your WordPress website with Git.

  • Post Forking

    WordPress Post Forking allows users to fork or create an alternate version of content to foster a more collaborative approach to WordPress content cur

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  • WordPress GitHub Sync

    A WordPress plugin to sync content with a GitHub repository (or Jekyll site).

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  • Big Voodoo Git Repo

    Ensures the Git repositories are kept current and up to date with uploads made within WordPress.

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  • Uploads by Proxy

    For local development: Automatically load images from the production version of wp-content/uploads if they are missing locally.

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  • Github Wordpress Widget

    Allows a user to add a widget to show their Github repositories on their site.

  • Github Ribbon

    Adds "Fork me on Github" ribbons to your WordPress posts

  • GitHub Profile Widget

    A widget to show a small version of your GitHub personal profile (or organization).

  • WP-Git-Embed

    Embed GitHub, Gist or Bitbucket files.

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  • GitHub Gist Shortcode Plugin

    Allows the use of a simple shortcode to embed GitHub Gists in a post or page.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite git plugins.

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