19 Most Used WordPress Hacker Plugins

  • WP Antivirus Site Protection (by SiteGuarding.com)

    Adds more security for your website. Server-side scanning. Performs deep website scans of all the files. Virus/Malware detection and removal.

  • AskApache Password Protect

    This plugin Adds Crazy Additional Password Protection and Security to your blog.

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  • Security Ninja Lite

    Check your site for security vulnerabilities with one click and get info on many security aspects.

  • WP-Sentinel

    A wordpress security system plugin which will check every HTTP request against a given set of rules to filter out malicious requests.

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  • Project Force Field

    Save your WordPress sites and servers from certain death during brute force attacks with Project Force Field by Orion Group!

  • Login Dongle

    The bookmark to login nobody but you. Simple and secure.

  • Detectify for WP

    Detectify analyze the the level of security on your website or blog via a simulated hacker attack.

  • Asgard Security Scanner

    One click security scan. Fast security audit the files of your WordPress install for hidden backdoors, code-eval, encrypted iframes and malicious link

  • SecureMoz Security Audit

    Performs a WordPress Security Audit to detect PHP and WordPress vulnerabilities and solve them.

  • Security by Supsystic

    Defence from all attacks with Security by Supsyctic. Firewall, Login Security, Hide WordPress, Blacklist, Country blocking, captcha on login and more

  • Block Default Login Attempts

    Completely block default admin user login attempts in WordPress.

  • As woocomerce with owl carousel

    As woocomerce with owl carousel is a jquery carousel plugin for WordPress site. This plugin will create a nice Carousel for your Woocomerce Theme web

  • Pareto Security

    WordPress core security class: A Web Application Firewall to protect your Wordpress web portal

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  • AS login

    AS login you can fully customize wordpress login page.

  • As Nice Scroll

    As nice scroll is a jquery plugin for WordPress site. This plugin will create a nice scrollbar for your site.

  • Glider - Universal Hacker Emblem

    This plugin presents the official hacker emblem on your blog so you can show your sympathy with the goals and values of hackers and their lifestyle.

  • User Email Compromised Check

    Cross check registered user emails with the Have I Been Pwned API for data breaches across a number of popular sites around the internet.

  • BanTheHackers Support Badge

    Show your support for BanTheHackers with a drop down badge.

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