18 Most Used WordPress Hashtag Plugins

  • Easy Instagram

    Simply, quickly and easily, displays one or more Instagram images from a User ID or a from a Tag, using shortcodes or widgets - without using a third-

  • Twitter Tracker

    Track Twitter search results, a Twitter hashtag, or a Twitter profile using sidebar widgets.

  • Juicer: Show all your social media posts in a beautiful feed.

    Aggregate and embed your social media posts on your site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and many more) as a beautiful feed.

  • Wishpond Social Contests

    Run promotional campaigns on your WordPress site that spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter and drive new customers.

  • Hashtag

    Use hashtag on WordPress just like on Twitter or Facebook. Word preceded with hash automatically converted into clickable link.

  • Instagram Gallery

    Instagram Gallery is a Wordpress plugin designed to provide a beautiful and highly customized Instagram Gallery with amazing and innovative effects.

  • hashtagger

    Tag your posts by using #hashtags

  • Tweet

    Tweet allows Twitter @username and #hashtag text in wordpress posts to automatically link to Twitter.

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  • Tagregator

    Aggregates hashtagged content from multiple social media sites into a single stream.

  • Instagram Feed WD

    WD Instagram Feed is a user-friendly tool for displaying user or hashtag-based feeds on your website.

  • ThinkTwit

    Outputs tweets from any Twitter users, hashtag or keyword through the Widget interface. Can be called via shortcode or PHP function call and supports

  • BuddyPress Activity Stream Hashtags

    This plugin will convert #hashtags references to a link (activity search page) posted within the activity stream

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  • Insta Grabagram

    This plugin creates a feed of Instagram images on your WordPress site based on a specific Instagram hashtag.

  • Publicize With Hashtags

    Automatically append hashtags to content sent by Jetpack Publicize module. Hashtags will be created using post tags. Dupe and length check included.

  • WP Tweet Plus

    WP Tweet Plus allows you to add tweet button to your Wordpress site.

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  • Instagrab

    Instagrab is a Wordpress plugin that grabs images from one or more Instagram hashtags and create a post for each image.

  • Twitter Highlight

    Convert twitter usernames, hashtags and lists in pages, posts or comments to a twitter link.

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  • Latest Vine Video

    Widget to get the latest vine video from twitter using hashtag.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite hashtag plugins.

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