10 Most Used WordPress Hook Plugins

  • CSS & JavaScript Toolbox

    Easily add custom CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP code to unique CJT code blocks and assign them wherever you want.

  • Easy Genesis (formerly Genesis Simple Customizations)

    Easily make many customizations and setting changes to your Genesis-powered site, without having to write custom code.

  • HookPress

    HookPress turns your WordPress-internal hooks into webhooks. Possible uses include generating push notifications or extending WordPress with non-PHP.

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  • Thank You Counter Button

    Adds 'Thank You' button to every post/page, counts and shows a total number of visitors 'thanks' for post/page.

  • Simply Show Hooks

    Simply Show Hooks helps theme and plugin developers to quickly see where all the action and filter hooks are on any WordPress page.

  • Simple Hook Widget

    Allows developers to create a drop down of hooks to be selected from a widget, for on-the-fly widgets without the fuss, or just easily test hooks.

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  • eewee pinterest

    Use the wordpress administration to place your Pinterest widget on an area (header, footer) and / or use a shortcode to display the widget Pinterest.

  • Network Ping

    Network standard ping list, for WordPress.

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  • YD Webhook to XML-RPC

    Description: Simple Webhook to WordPress XML-RPC gateway.

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  • Guan Mystique Theme Code Inserter

    Insert html code into Mystique theme(http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/mystique) without hand code the original theme files.

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