19 Most Used WordPress Http Plugins

  • WordPress HTTPS (SSL)

    WordPress HTTPS is intended to be an all-in-one solution to using SSL on WordPress sites.

  • WP-Filebase Download Manager

    Adds a powerful download manager including file categories, downloads counter, widgets, sorted file lists and more to your WordPress blog.

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  • 404 Simple Redirect

    This plugin determines if the request will cause a 404 HTTP error and redirects to the page defined in the plugin options.

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  • WP HTTP Compression

    This plugin allows your WordPress blog to output pages compressed in gzip format if a browser supports compression. HTTP compression generally mean

  • Check and Enable GZIP compression

    This handy tool checks if you have GZIP compression enabled, and makes it possible to turn on GZIP compression.

  • WordPress Force HTTPS

    Forces your entire site to ALWAYS use HTTPS

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  • Add Headers

    Adds the ETag, Last-Modified, Expires and Cache-Control headers to HTTP responses generated by WordPress for more efficient caching.

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  • Custom Error Pages

    Create custom 401 and 403 error pages with any WordPress theme without writing a single line of code, set it up and forget it.

  • Force non-SSL

    Redirects all HTTPS traffic to HTTP, except for specific exceptions

  • Domain Theme

    Domain Theme allows you to specify more then one domain name with your WordPress installation and assign individual themes to each one.

  • HTTPS for WordPress

    Check to see if SSL is used. This will update any template functions which require SSL to be used.

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  • Force HTTPS

    Forces every single page/post to go over HTTPS.

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  • HeadNFoot

    Add Headers and footers to you blog or blog content or insert Http headers into the site.

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    A simple plugin that allows you to identify which pages should have HTTPS enforced. All other pages will have HTTP enforced.

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  • If Modified Since HTTP Header

    A simple plugin to sent "304 If Modified Since HTTP Header" to the web crawlers, so that they only fetch your site when something updated.

  • WP Avertere

    Set up and manage an HTTP 301/302 Redirect from the URL of any post type to another URL, either on your site or externally.

  • WPSSL (WordPress with SSL)

    Check to see if the page has the "force_ssl" meta tag, if it does it will send the user to the SSL side. It will also make sure to load any

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  • Strictly System Check

    Strictly System Check is a plugin that periodically checks your site checking your database and server and reporting if any problems are found.

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  • WordPress Force HTTP

    Forces the front end of your WordPress site to HTTP when you only want the Admin over HTTPS

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite http plugins missing from our list.

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