17 Most Used WordPress Include Plugins

  • Simply Exclude

    Provides an interface to selectively exclude/include all Taxonomies, Post Types and Users from the 4 actions used by WordPress. is_front, is_archive,

  • Custom Recent Posts Widget

    A widget to show recent posts list based on categories or tags

  • HiFi (Head Injection, Foot Injection)

    HiFi is a head and foot injection plugin. It allows you to inject code into the head and foot areas of your posts and pages on a per-page basis.

  • Include Me

    Include Me helps to include any external file (textual, HTML or PHP) in posts or pages.

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  • Include It

    Include It is a plugin that permits the inclusion, in a post or in a page, of any type of file (even a php script that will be executed).

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  • RPS Include Content

    Makes it easy to pull content from one post or page and place it on another using a simple shortcode, even in a multisite environment.

  • Include HTML and PHP

    Add a simple functionality to include a PHP file just like include(); from Wordpress built-in Right Text Editor

  • Enhanced Header / Footer Injections

    Add code to the header and footer sections of your site on a page-per-page basis.

  • WP Snippets

    Create Snippets! This plugin adds a new Post Type. Snippets can be included in Posts/Pages/Widgets via shortcodes.

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  • Embedder

    Better shortcodes. Embed HTML into your blog's posts, pages, titles, comments, and widgets with this powerful, easy-to-use plugin.

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  • Mindvalley Include Post Content

    Creates shortcode [mv_include] to include content from another post/page.

  • Display Last Post(s)

    Allows to display the last post(s) anywhere on your WordPress site/blog, using a shortcode or a short PHP code (for the templates).

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  • Include

    Include one Page or Post into another.

  • PhotoPress - Gallery

    Extends the [gallery] shortcode to be able to create galleries from image taxonomies or the featured images of specific Posts.

  • Recent Posts by Tags

    This plugin creates a widget with a list of recent posts belonging to selected tags

  • Include Content Slice

    Use a shortcode to include a file (or just a part of a file by using text delimiters) into the current post from any URL, or from the local server.

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  • Inject Plugin

    Control WordPress Dynamic Content

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite include plugins.

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