16 Most Used WordPress Internet Plugins

  • IE Enhancer and Modernizer Surf Experience

    make ie6+ standards-compliant browser fix html/css transparent png, shiv html5 elements, render latest version, enhancer modernizer surfing experience

  • WP PIE

    Allows rounded borders, drop shadows and other CSS3 styles to work in Internet Explorer 6-9

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  • Internet Explorer 6 Upgrade

    Version: 1.1 Detects if visitor using Internet Explorer 6 and offers a screen to download a better an update version of most popular browsers

  • SPEEDRON Speed Test

    SPEEDRON Speed Test is totally FREE plugin. Let your users check their Internet connection speed with this pretty tool.

  • Defend Internet Privacy Widget

    Help spread the word and stop SOPA, CISPA, PIPA, and more. Tell the world that you are a member of the Internet Defense League by adding this Widget o

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  • Pay A Coffee Plugin for WordPress

    Redefining the donations over the Internet. Join the new standard for sending donations in an easy way.

  • Finnish Internet black day

    Provides easy way to participate Finnish Internet black day -event on 23.4.2013. "The day when Finnish Internet turns black."

  • Cobia Systems

    Syndicates content from the Cobia Systems and helps the WordPress user to manage all of their web properties in one place!

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  • GetFirefox

    Spread firefox by displaying a "get firefox" button in the sidebar of your blog.

  • WP Stop UK Communications Data Bill Ribbon

    Add a ribbon to the top right corner of your WordPress site to protest against the UK's Draft Communications Data bill.

  • MyHomeDVR.com - Watch TV.Record TV

    No Longer Supported...

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  • onOffline

    Notify your visitors when their internet connection goes down. Disable links so they don't end up with error pages.

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  • Latest Web Resources

    Daily mix of handy web resources and tips to make the web experience of your readers fun and easy.

  • Proxy B Movement

    When someone uses a web proxy to browse your website or blog, Proxy B Movement informs the visitor to get another proxy i.e. Hepatitis B vaccination.

  • Stop SOPA by Zachary

    This plugin help you to set all page templates to sustain the couse 'Stop SOPA'.

  • FreeMyInternet

    Automatically places the FreeMyInternet banner from FreeMyInternet.com on your WordPress website.

Should we add any internet plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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