16 Most Used WordPress Jokes Plugins

  • Joke of the Day

    Plugin "Joke of the Day" displays jokes on your blog. There are over 40,000 jokes in 40 categories.

  • Joke of the Day Advanced

    Freshen up your WordPress site with a new joke every day.

  • Elizaibots

    Add an Elizaibots chatbot to your wordpress site using the shortcode to embed the bot and conversation on your blog. Keep your readers amused!

  • Chuck Norris Jokes Widget

    Shows a random Chuck Norris joke on your blog. For personalized Chuck Norris jokes starring yourself, please refer to the Personalized Chuck Norris Jo

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  • Halloween quotes

    Scare your blog visitors with special Halloween effects that appear unexpectedly at specified time intervals. There are many different types of anima

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  • Random Joke

    Random jokes widget helps you display random jokes everywhere on your blog. Over 25,000 jokes in 75 categories. Cheer up your blog readers :)

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  • Funny video online

    Plugin "Funny video online" displays Funny video on your blog. There are over 10,000 video clips.

  • Personalized Chuck Norris Jokes Widget

    Shows a random personalized Chuck Norris joke on your blog, starring yourself. For regular Chuck Norris jokes, please refer to the Chuck Norris Jokes

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  • Funny Photos

    Plugin "Funny Photos" displays Best photos of the day and Funny photos on your blog. There are over 5,000 photos.

  • Christian Jokes

    Christian Jokes widget will fetch the latest or random joke from christian-jokes.net website, and display them on your blog.

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  • Jokes Widget

    The jokes widget will display german jokes in a widget

  • Funny placeholder

    If you do not have advertisements to show on your website, try some funny ads!

  • Piadas ClickGrátis

    Plugin de post automático de piadas do portal Click Grátis.

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  • Melanger ads

    This plugin has been discontinued, please upgrade to Funny placeholder.

Should we add any jokes plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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