16 Most Used WordPress Lazy Loading Plugins

  • BJ Lazy Load

    Lazy loading for images and iframes makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth. Uses no external JS libraries and degrades gracefully for non-js

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  • Ajax Load More

    A powerful solution to add infinite scroll functionality to your website

  • a3 Lazy Load

    Speed up your site and enhance frontend user's visual experience in PC's, Tablets and mobile with a3 Lazy Load.

  • Camera slideshow

    A jQuery slideshow with a responsive layout, easy to use with an extended admin panel

  • WPSocialite

    Long page loads aren't fun for anyone. Use WPSocialite to take control of heavy social sharing links and load them how you want!

  • Loading Page with Loading Screen

    Loading Page with Loading Screen plugin performs a pre-loading of images on your website and displays a loading progress screen with percentage of com

  • Image Lazy Load (Unveil.js)

    Lazy load content images using the unveil.js jQuery plugin. Improves site performance.

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  • Simple Lazyload

    Lazy load all images without configurations. It helps to decrease number of requests and improve page loading time.

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  • ItalyStrap

    Make your web site more powerfull Bootstrap, Performance and Schema.org

  • Lazy Load for WooCommerce

    Lazy Load for WooCommerce includes the functionality to properly append Lazy Load into the image loop for WooCommerce (2.4.6 tested).

  • Load low source image first

    The load low source image first plugin makes your website load faster, by loading the images after the document has loaded completely; lazy loading.

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  • Remote API

    A set of extendable classes that allow the creation of a remote API.

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