19 Most Used WordPress Logout Plugins

  • Peter's Login Redirect

    Redirect users to different locations after logging in and logging out.

  • Login Logout Menu

    You can now add a correct login & logout link in your WP menus.

  • Login-Logout

    Widget with login, logout, admin and register links. Replacement of the default Meta widget

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  • Nice Login Widget

    Add, build and manage login-register widget anywhere in your site.

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  • Move Login

    Change your login URL for something like http://example.com/login and stop login brute-force attempts.

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  • Protected Posts Logout Button

    Automatically adds a logout button to your password protected content.

  • AJAX Login

    A plugin for wordpress which enables AJAX login, user registration and password retrieval.

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  • My Login Logout Plugin

    With this plugin you can now add a real log in/logout item menu with auto switch when user is logged in or not.it works both Custom menubar as well as

  • Sky Login Redirect

    Redirects to the page you were reading just before logging in. Redirects to the homepage when you log out.

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  • Login-Logout

    Stable:2.6.1 Adds simple, clean links so users can login/logout & register easily. Highly customisable, & can be used as a widget or inserted

  • AJAX Login Widget++

    A clean AJAX-based login, registration and lost password retrieval widget.

  • jonimo Simple Redirect

    Easily redirect users with specific roles to any url, page, tag or category a set number of times when they login or logout.

  • WP Mingle

    The simplest way to turn your standard WordPress website with a standard WordPress theme into a Social Network.

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  • WooCommerce Menu Extension

    You can now add woocommerce links in your WP menus.

  • root Cookie

    Changes the cookie default path to / (i.e. the whole domain.com not just domain.com/blog) with an option to go across subdomains

  • Hide Login+

    Have a secure login and admin page. Allows you to create custom URLs for user's Log in, Log out, Sign up and Admin page.

  • Logout Password Protected Posts

    Provides a template tag for a link for visitors to log out of password protected posts.

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  • WP Idle Logout

    Automatically logs out inactive users.

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  • Login Logout Switcher

    Simple widget that displays both Register and Login links then once logged in links switches to Logout link with a friendly welcome and username.

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