15 Most Used WordPress Mailinglist Plugins

  • Newsletter Sign-Up

    Integrate your WordPress site with 3rd-party newsletter services like Aweber and YMLP. Adds various sign-up methods to your site.

  • Mail Subscribe List

    Simple customizable plugin that displays a name/email form where visitors can submit their information, manageable in the WordPress admin.

  • Export emails

    Adds an export emails page that allows you to export the email list of your subscribers and the email list of all the people who left comments.

  • Sendit Newsletter

    Sendit is a friendly and easy newsletter and mailing lists plugin for Wordpress, born to make newsletter delivery management a great experience.

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  • WP Easy Post Mailer

    The easiest way to automatically send your blog posts straight to your email subscribers.

  • GetResponse Form

    An easy way to place a GetResponse form on your Wordpress site.

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  • SubMe

    SubMe notifies subscribers by email when a new post has been published.

  • Mailchimp Form Creator

    An easy way to place a Mailchimp form on your Wordpress site.

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  • Simple Contactology Signup

    Easily add a signup form for any of your Contactology Newsletter lists anywhere on your WordPress site.

  • ThreeWP Email Reflector

    A mailing list deamon that reflects email from an IMAP account to readers.

  • Comments Emails

    The plugin allows to export the names and email addresses of users, who have left comments on the blog.

  • sxss Dreamhost Announcements

    You can send E-Mail newsletters with the 'Dreamhost Announcement List' feature from your Wordpress dashboard.

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