20 Most Used WordPress Meter Plugins

  • Search Meter

    Search Meter tracks what your readers are searching for on your blog. View full details of recent searches or stats for the last day, week or month.

  • Google Maps GPX Viewer

    Place your GPS tracks with Google maps! Show an elevation profile and download button. Test the Map-editor.

  • Donation Thermometer

    Displays a custom thermometer image charting the amount of donations raised.

  • WordPress Donation Plugin with Goals and Paypal IPN by NonprofitCMS.org

    Donations with the ability to specify an unlimited number of campaigns / goals. Integrates with PayPal IPN to display a progress meter / donor list.

  • Dave's Whizmatronic Widgulating Calibrational Scribometer

    The Scribometer allows writers to track and display their writing progress in their sidebar.

  • MyBookProgress by Author Media

    A WordPress progress tracking plugin to help authors keep track of their progress and communicate with their readers.

  • Paypal Target Meter

    display a progress meter of donations towards a monthly or yearly goal

  • Progress Bar (Edition for Readers)

    This plugin indicates progress made on books.

  • Pretty Simple Progress meter

    Pretty Simply Progress meter is a clean and fun way to share your tracked progress on everything!

  • ProgPress

    Easily insert progress meters into your content and/or sidebars.

  • ProgressFly

    Create customisable progress meters to track your projects to completion.

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  • eGreen Web Meter

    Transform your website into a carbon neutral space.

  • Readability Meter (AKA 'Geared Towards' Meter)

    This plugin simply adds a graphical display, showing who the target demographic (i.e. audience) is. In other words, display graphically, whether your

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  • Minimum Password Strength for WooCommerce

    Adjust the minimum password strength required by WooCommerce. Choose from strong, medium, weak or very weak.

  • Wordpress Activity-o-meter

    Wordpress Activity-o-meter gives you, the administrator some insight in what you and your colleagues are doing within the local wordpress installation

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