10 Most Used WordPress Micropayment Plugins

  • Flattr Shortcode Widget

    Easily add custom Flattr widgets to your posts and pages using shortcodes!

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  • Flattr Widget

    This plugin is including the Flattr button for your blog inside a widget.

  • Cleeng - Sell your videos

    This Cleeng Wordpress plugin is no longer supported, as we decided to discontinue it in February 2014. Please see for reasons and alternative solution

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  • Flattr Comments

    This plugin provides flattr-buttons for comments on your blog if the comment author entered a Flattr-ID.

  • Flattr RSS

    This plugin is including the Flattr button in your RSS/Atom feed. There are some more options to extend Flattr functionality like optional autosubmit

  • PayGol

    This plugin allows you to accept donations and payments in your blog using SMS and Phone Call. You simply specify the amount you want to charge, then

  • PayPress

    Nederlandse MicroPayment plugin voor WordPress.

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    Yet Another WordPress Allopass Plugin : monetize the content of your website quickly and easily !

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  • DigiPass

    DigiPass is the best way for publishers and bloggers to monetize their digital content.

  • YD Media-Pay WP Plugin

    Permet de monétiser les contenus ou l'inscription à un site WordPress via la plateforme de micro-paiement par téléphone Media Pay.

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