17 Most Used WordPress Mobile Detection Plugins

  • Duda Mobile Website Builder

    The simplest mobile website builder on WordPress. Over 5 million sites have already been made mobile with DudaMobile.

  • WP Splash Page

    Add a fully customizable splash page for your WordPress site, it's simple and easy to use.

  • WP Mobile Edition

    Is a complete toolkit to mobilize your WordPress site. It has a mobile switcher and Mobile themes.

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  • PHP Mobile Redirect

    Easily detect mobile devices and redirect them to the mobile version of your site.

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  • AddFunc Mobile Detect

    Redirects mobile traffic, allows visitors to opt back, optionally prevent redirection of WordPress' parts (Post, Home, Tags, etc.)

  • Mobile Site Redirect

    Redirection to a separate mobile site such as http://m.example.com with the same page name.

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  • Average Mobile Detect

    Redirects mobile traffic to mobile site, allows visitors to opt for desktop site, provides shortcodes and widget to generate links to mobile site

  • MobileRevenu

    Rentabilisez votre Trafic Mobile gratuitement avec Mobile Revenu. Inscription gratuite et facultative en moins de 2 min. # Many languages available

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  • brick&mobile Mobile Redirect Installer

    This plugin installs the brick&mobile Mobile Detection Code and redirects mobile traffic to your premium mobile websites with ease!

  • Mojaba for WordPress

    The easiest way to harness the power of a Mobile website for WordPress. Mojaba® is the no-coding, drag-and-drop tool for creative professionals.

  • mobile detection

    Detect mobile visitors to a wordpress based website and automatic activate the specific mobile theme.

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  • AddFunc Adaptive Content

    Adds functions and shortcodes to empower WordPress users to have better control of when content is served, based on device type.

  • Bourbon

    Easily send mobile visitors to your Bourbon mobile website by installing and configuring the Bourbon Mobile Redirect plugin for Wordpress.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite mobile detection plugins.

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