14 Most Used WordPress Moderate Plugins

  • Comments Notifier

    Send email notifications to multiple addresses (not just admin) when new comments are posted on your site.

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  • Word Filter Plus

    Update or clean the contents of your site, by filtering or replacing words and phrases in your posts, pages, excerpts, titles and comments.

  • Epoch - A native Disqus alternative with a focus on speed and privacy

    Epoch - 100% realtime chat and commenting in a tiny little package that is fully CDN and cache compatible.

  • WP-Blacklister

    Plugin tool for assembling lists of IP addresses, emails, and URLs from spam comments.

  • Moderate Pingbacks

    Automatically puts all pingbacks into the comment moderation queue.

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  • Moderate Selected Posts

    Force comment moderation on selected posts but allow others to remain open.

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  • Notifications to all Administrators

    Enable moderation requests and notifications by email to all administrators.

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  • Moderate Trackbacks

    Automatically puts all trackbacks into the comment moderation queue.

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  • WP Comments Moderators

    WP Comments Moderators plugin allows any user (whatever their Role) to moderate any blog comment.

  • WP Comments Manager

    Install this plugin only if you have Comments Manager for Windows Phone7 and you want push notification enabled or other features.

  • Buddypress Topic Mover

    Allows BuddyPress group mods and admins to move a single forum topic to another group, updating the activity items as well.

  • Moderate New Blogs

    WordPress Multisite Network plugin. New blogs(aka sites) await a final click from a Network Admin to activate.

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  • MarcTV Moderate Comments

    Grants visitors the ability to report inappropriate comments and admins to replace and trash them in the frontend.

  • Virtual Moderator

    This plugin helps to keep community blogs clean. There must be some unwanted posts if blog is open for anyone. It Lets visitors to flag those posts.

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