10 Most Used WordPress Navi Plugins

  • WP-CommentNavi

    Adds a more advanced paging navigation for your comments to your WordPress blog.

  • Custom Post Type's Archive in WP Nav Menu

    Extends the WP Nav Menu with your Custom Post Type archive pages.

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  • Post Lists View Custom

    Customize the list of the post and page and the custom post type.

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  • Dexs Navigation Tree

    This Plugin creates a "Table of Contents" container, show it with the shortcode and / or with the own widget!

  • SM Dashboard Pages Navigator Tree

    Navigate all your pages, with labels for private and pending, in a nice page tree heirarchy on the admin dashboard provided by http://sethmatics.com/.

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  • Breukie's Pages Widget

    Breukie’s Pages Widget is a wordPress widget, to replace the standard pages widget by Automattic. This widget displays links using the wp_list_

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  • SEO Pagebar 2 WordPress Plugin

    The plugin provides a more advanced SEO pagination for WordPress to be configured with several options.

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  • WP Select Box Navi

    This Plugin adds an select box navigatin for mobile devices to your WordPress template. Further more you get font size support for each device resouti

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  • zNavCarousel

    Adds animate the paging navigation on your WordPress blog.

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  • PostLists-Extension Navigation

    With this extension for the WordPress plugin PostLists it is possible to add next-/prev- navigation links to a PostLists list. AJAX-Support.

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any navi plugins in our post.

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