15 Most Used WordPress Next Post Plugins

  • Zamango Page Navigation

    It creates pagebar on lists (for ex. on category or search results) and Next Post & Previous Post links on each post.

  • Random Post

    Spider Random Post allows you to show posts in a random order in a sidebar. You can display simultaneously as many random posts as you need.

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  • WP Single Post Navigation Within Category

    The plugin adds navigation links on a signle post to the previous or next post within the current category. Based on WP Single Post Navigation

  • WP Post Navigator

    Adds the Previous and Next Post Navigator Buttons on the left and right side of your WordPress Post.

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  • Improved Save Button

    Adds a "save" button which then redirects you to the posts list, the next/previous post, the New Post form or the post page.

  • jj-WP Easy Navigation

    Easy Navigation to next and previous posts using arrow keys or navigation buttons.

  • Post Next

    Adds interactive sticky next post popup/optin.

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  • Read Next Fly Box

    This plugin will create a read next post box, the data is fetched from the Wordpress database randomly. The objective is to decrease the bounce rate o

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  • RP Post Nav

    Show Next and Previous Post Links, Thumbnails or Excerpt at Posts, Pages, Media or Custom Post Types.

  • Fixed Adjacent Post

    Fix the not-excluding terms bug of `get_adjacent_post()`.

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  • Wordpress Next Post by errnio

    Next Post by errnio moves the reader to the next available post on your site, when swiping right on mobile.

  • Further Reading

    Display related content for further reading in most common ways to lower bounce rate of your site or blog

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite next post plugins.

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