11 Most Used WordPress Note Plugins

  • Note - A live edit text widget

    Note is a simple and easy to use widget for editing bits of text, live, in your WordPress front-end Customizer.

  • WP Dashboard Notes

    Working with multiple persons on a website? Want to make notes? You can do just that with WP Dashboard Notes. Create beautiful notes with a nice user

  • WP-Note

    Make nice notes with WP-Note in your post.

  • Dashboard Post-it

    Adds a simple 'Post-it' widget to the Dashboard that allows you to leave yourself or other authors a note.

  • Add To Content

    Place custom content above or below every post and/or page or from a specific category.

  • Dashboard Sticky Notes

    This plugin adds the functionality to add sticky notes into the dashboard.

  • Wordpress Admin Notepad

    Add a Notepad to your admin panel so that you can view or edit note at anywhere.

  • Side Matter

    Turns footnotes into sidenotes, magically aligning each note in the sidebar next to its corresponding reference in the text.

  • TinyMCE Annotate

    Create annotations in your content using the TinyMCE editor.

  • Kahi's WP Notes

    For me, it's the place to keep notes about future articles, possible topics, plans, ToDos connected with that particular WP site.

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  • Notes Widget Wrapper

    Apply a "sticky note" style box around your widget content. All text is displayed in hand writing font too.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite note plugins.

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