13 Most Used WordPress Notices Plugins

  • YITH WooCommerce Cart Messages

    The YITH Woocommerce Cart Messages plugin let you add custom messages in the cart page and/or in the checkout page.

  • No Update Nag

    Removes the WordPress update nag that appears at the top of all admin pages when a new version of WordPress is released

  • Notices Ticker

    This plug-in allows short notices to be displayed on your blog.

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  • Simple Notices

    A simple plugin that adds a notification system to your WordPress. Via custom post types, Simple Notices gives you a way to make announcements that ar

  • WP Notification Center

    Adds a notification center to WordPress, no more pages that are cluttered with notifications.

  • WP Manage Plugins

    An easy way to give you more control over the plugins section of WordPress

  • WP-Announcements

    Display a post as a site wide announcement, notice, ad or emergency alert on your website via a marquee or popup window using ShadowBox-JS or ThickBox

  • Email Manager

    Email Manager helps you send and schedule beautiful professional email and WordPress notifications.

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  • No Browser Nag

    Removes the browser nag that appears in the admin dashboard when using a less-than-current web browser.

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  • EP Admin Messages

    Show messages in WP Admin. Different messages can be shown at different places, for different people.

  • Skysa Announcements App

    Post pop-up ajax announcements for your site visitors. Rich content, announcement experation date and many other announcement options.

  • ShowOnce

    Some things only need to be said once. Use ShowOnce. Show one time messages and alerts anywhere.

  • Notices API

    The simple Notices API currently missing in WordPress.

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Should we add any notices plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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