20 Most Used WordPress Paginate Plugins

  • WP-Paginate

    WP-Paginate is a simple and flexible pagination plugin which provides users with better navigation on your WordPress site.

  • Simple Pagination

    Simple Pagination allows to set up an advanced pagination for posts and comments. You have an easier navigation on your WordPress.

  • TW Pagination

    TW Pagination is a simple and flexible pagination plugin which provides users with better navigation on your WordPress site.

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  • Paged Comments

    Breaks down comments into a number of pages

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  • Pagination by BestWebSoft

    Add pagination block to your WordPress website.

  • Adjustly Nextpage

    Enables existing Wordpress functionality to allow page breaks in your posts and pages.

  • Multi-page Toolkit

    Multi-page toolkit create titles for pages and configurable navigation features. Single (all) page view option with custom seperator (great for advert

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  • Automatically Paginate Posts

    Automatically paginate posts by inserting the <!--nextpage--> Quicktag into WordPress posts, pages, or custom post type content.

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  • WP-SEO-Paginate

    Provides users with better and simple navigation interface.

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  • U More Recent Posts

    This plugin make it possible to navigate more recent posts without refreshing screen.

  • SB Paginate

    SB Paginate is a pagination plugin that allows to set up navigation on WordPress site.

  • ByREV Gallery Pagination for Wordpress

    This plugin offers the possibility of displaying a photo gallery on multiple pages / pagination gallery. Change [gallery] from Wordpress Post with [ga

  • Paginate

    Display your list with pagination by a simple function call.

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  • Simple User Rank Comments

    Create and display user rank titles based on there comment count.

  • BH Pagination

    This is simple pagination pugin for wordpress template.

  • listicle

    Listicle plugin, lets you create paginated lists where every item in a bulleted list generates a post

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  • easyCommentsPaginate

    easyCommentsPaginate is a plugin to easily create nice animated pagination for your comments

  • Hungry For Posts

    A simple Ajax pagination with only one button forward. Click to get more posts without reload the page, click again to get more, again and again, unti

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  • Flickr Photosets User Shortcode

    Puxa todos os photosets de uma conta no Flickr e suas imagens por meio de um shortcode.

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