12 Most Used WordPress Paywall Plugins

  • Memberful WP

    Sell memberships and restrict access to content with WordPress and Memberful.

  • Tinypass

    Tinypass is the best way to charge for access to content on your WordPress site.

  • CoinTent

    CoinTent makes it easy to sell your articles, videos, or posts through subscriptions or micropayments ($0.05- $1.00 for individual content access).

  • Cleeng - Sell your videos

    This Cleeng Wordpress plugin is no longer supported, as we decided to discontinue it in February 2014. Please see for reasons and alternative solution

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  • LaterPay

    Sell digital content with LaterPay. It allows super easy and fast payments from as little as 5 cent up to 149.99 Euro at a 15% fee and no fixed costs.

  • MediaPass Subscriptions

    Version: 2.1 Easily charge for articles, blogs, or videos (and make 3-10x more money) using MediaPass Publisher Dashboard.

  • Subscription DNA®

    Quickly integrate your website with your SubscriptionDNA Enterprise Subscription Billing and Members Management Platform account.

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  • Subscription Genius Plugin

    Simple but powerful paywall solution complete with checkout and registration systems. Designed by publishers for publishers.

  • Official Archon Membership Management

    Allows the ability to setup and manage multiple membership tiers.

  • ChargeBee

    The best recurring billing experience with paywall functionality to control accesss to webpage content on your WordPress site using ChargeBee.

  • Leaky Paywall - IP Exceptions

    Allow IP addresses to access content through zeen101's Leaky Paywall. More info at http://zeen101.com

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  • Leaky Paywall - Article Countdown Nag

    Creates an Article Countdown Nag for zeen101's Leaky Paywall WordPress plugin. More info at http://zeen101.com

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Should we add any paywall plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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