18 Most Used WordPress Ping Plugins

  • WordPress Ping Optimizer

    Save your wordpress blog from getting tagged as ping spammer. This plugin is a fork of the cbnet Ping Optimizer plugin.

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  • SiteTree

    A lightweight and user-friendly tool to enhance your WordPress site with feature-loaded Google Sitemap and Archive Page (or HTML5 Compliant Site Map).

  • ??????.??? ?????? / Yandex Site search pinger

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  • Auto Ping Booster

    Auto Ping Booster will auto ping your blog in Google, Baidu, Yandex and many search engines after each update.

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  • PPinger

    Pings your blog to Pingomatic using your visitors's IP's at random intervals.

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  • Pingler

    This Plugin is used to automatically Ping new posts to a variety of online blogs. For use with Pingler.com

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  • Activate Update Services

    WordPress removes the Update Services ability when you create a network. Activate this plugin to get it back.

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  • Shorten2Ping

    Sends status updates to Ping.fm everytime you publish a post, using your own domain, bit.ly, wp.me, su.pr, is.gd and others for shortened permalinks.

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  • Sitemap Index

    Automaticly generates virtual sitemaps and sitemap index in the XML format.

  • Ping List Pro

    Ping List Pro is the ultimate ping list plugin for professional bloggers. Automatically updates your ping list every day.

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  • Enable Site Ping WPMU

    Enable site ping for a WPMU site.

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  • Kama SpamBlock

    Very light invisible method to block auto-spam when spam comment is posted. Pings and trackbacks cheks for real backlink.

  • Improved Cron

    Keep WP-Cron running every minute for scheduled tasks without actually using Cron.

  • Force Ping Display with Disqus

    Shows Pingbacks and Trackbacks above Disqus comments.

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  • Eazy XMLRPC Pingback Disable

    This plugin disables the WordPress XMLRPC pingback ping.

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  • Shorten2List

    Sends status updates to selected maillists everytime you publish a post, using your own domain or others for shortened permalinks.

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  • My Users Ping For Me

    My Users Ping For Me. Let your visitors ping the RSS aggregators for you!

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  • Silent Publish

    Adds the ability to publish a post without triggering pingbacks, trackbacks, or notifying update services.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite ping plugins.

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