19 Most Used WordPress Portal Plugins

  • Wordpress Video Plugin

    A filter for WordPress that displays videos from many video services.

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  • Embedded Video

    Easy embedding of videos from lots of portals or local video files of many file formats with optional generation of a corresponding link.

  • Client Dash

    Creating a more intuitive admin interface for clients.

  • WP-Client Lite :: Client Portals, File Sharing, Messaging & Invoicing

    WP-Client Client Portal Management & Invoicing Plugin that gives you the ultimate in flexibility to integrate into your current site.

  • WP Facebook Portal

    Import the posts of Facebook page.

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  • Jomres Booking System Bridge plugin for Wordpress

    The complete hotel booking system for Wordpress!

  • Very Simple Knowledge Base

    This is a very simple plugin to create a knowledgebase. Use a shortcodes to display your categories and posts in 3 or 4 columns on a page. For more in

  • Client Dash - Backup Buddy

    Backup buddy plugin for Client Dash

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  • KnB Lite - Knowledge Base / FAQ Plugin

    Add Knowledge Base or FAQ on any part of your wordpress website easily using this powerful shortcode plugin.

  • Client Dash WP Help Add on

    Integrates content from WP Help with Client Dash by displaying it on the FAQ tab under the Help page.

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  • Lead Manager

    Check it out and download the new Lead Manager used by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil (www.cultura.gov.br).

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  • XML Travel Portal Widget

    WordPress Widget which connect to wholesalers/suppliers or GDS through XML APIs to power B2B or B2C travel websites.

  • WP-Client LITE : Invoicing, Estimates, Billing Extension : Create Invoices

    WP-Client LITE - Invoicing, Estimates & Billing :: Integrate your Billing needs into your own Branded & Secure Web Portal

  • Embed post as JavaScript

    Lets the user embed posts on other pages using a simple script-tag on the target page

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  • newhaze

    newhaze allows you to easily add thousands of games to your website. It also provides social widgets for your site.

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  • Felix User Membership Site

    Turn your site into a membership portal, where users can register & subscribe to different user levels with permissions and content restriction

  • Geckon ChAOS Plugin

    Geckon MCM Plugin

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  • WTG Portal Manager Beta

    WTG Portal Manager assists us in managing related content for a product, service or event.

  • WordPress Management Tool by Hardy Code

    The WordPress Management Tool by Hardy Code helps administrators with multiple WordPress installs monitor each build from a single portal.

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