18 Most Used WordPress Post Formats Plugins

  • Automatic Featured Image Posts

    Automatic Featured Image Posts creates a new post with a Featured Image every time an image is uploaded.

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  • WP Post Formats

    Allows you to easily edit the way your post formats display using the ACE editor and the Twig template engine.

  • Tumblr Crosspostr

    Tumblr Crosspostr cross-posts your WordPress entries to Tumblr. Changes to your WordPress posts are reflected in your Tumblr posts.

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  • Better Formats

    Improves the UI for WordPress's built-in post formats.

  • IFTTT Post Formats & Post Types

    Set a post format or post type for your IFTTT-created posts via a post format or post type category.

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  • Bulk Convert Post Format

    Bulk convert posts in a category to a selected post format.

  • McNinja Post Styles

    It's like Post Formats, but actually useful. Every post is unique, start treating them that way.

  • Ruven Themes: Post Formats UI

    RT Post Formats UI provides a UI for post formats.

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  • Parks & Parker Post Formats

    Register post formats and creates custom metaboxes for each post format.

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  • Filter Post Formats

    A simple plugin that will filter out post formats on your home page.

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  • Disable Post Format UI

    Disables the post format UI on the edit post screen.

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  • Post Format Options

    Easily disable post formats or allow certain roles access to only certain formats.

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  • Diasposter

    Diasposter cross-posts your WordPress entries to Diaspora. Changes to your WordPress posts are reflected in your Diaspora posts.

  • WordBench

    WordBench provides admin user interfaces for advanced WordPress features

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