11 Most Used WordPress Private Plugins

  • Wordfence Security

    The Wordfence WordPress security plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware.

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  • BulletProof Security

    WordPress Website Security Protection: Firewall Security, Login Security, Database Security... Effective, Reliable, Easy to use...

  • underConstruction

    Creates a 'Coming Soon' page that will show for all users who are not logged in

  • User Access Manager

    With the "User Access Manager"-plugin you can manage the access to your posts, pages and files.

  • Ultimate Under Construction

    Shows an Under Construction holding page for all users who are not logged in or Admin.

  • My Private Site

    Create a Private Site visible only to your registered users.

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  • Role Scoper

    CMS-like permissions for reading and editing. Content-specific restrictions and roles supplement/override WordPress roles. User groups optional.

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  • Limit Attempts by BestWebSoft

    The plugin Limit Attempts allows you to limit rate of login attempts by the ip, and create whitelist and blacklist.

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  • Picasa and Google Plus Express

    Browse and select photos from any public or private Google+ album and add them to your posts/pages.

  • Private Content

    Display a portion of a post content only to users of a specific role or to a single user.

  • Advanced Post List

    Create custom post lists with easy to use advanced settings. Highly customizable for designing unique post-list designs.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite private plugins missing from our list.

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