14 Most Used WordPress Quality Plugins

  • WP Resized Image Quality

    Get better uploaded quality or save bandwidth: Change the JPEG compression-level of uploaded images and thumbnails.

  • JPG Image Quality

    This plugin adjusts the quality of the images when they are uploaded.

  • WP Performance Pack

    Boost WordPress performance: Faster localization, (on the fly) dynamic image resizing and CDN support for images.

  • ImageMagick Sharpen Resized Images

    Improve your images: Sharpens resized JPG image uploads via ImageMagick so it keeps quality, EXIF information, color profiles and crops.

  • Theme Mentor

    Theme Mentor is a cousin of the Theme-Check plugin getting deeper into the code analysis.

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  • Performance Tester

    Analyze the home page of your WordPress site directly from your backoffice and get a quality and performance report.

  • Force jpeg quality

    WordPress uses a default quality of 90% for images served on the website, to conserve space and bandwidth. This plugin forces it to be 100%.

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  • TOP Page Quality Analytics

    Designed for SEO and understanding the Google Panda by connecting a blog with the TOP Quality Analytics which measures the quality of landing pages.

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  • Webmaster.Net SEO Post Quality Analyzer - Quickly Find Low Quality Posts

    Webmaster.Net Post Quality Analyzer is a simple lite-weight plugin to analyze the quality of your posts.

  • Sirv CDN & Image Manager

    Image management plugin to resize, optimize and serve images via Sirv's CDN. Includes image zoom, 360 spin, dynamic and responsive images.

  • Hello Preflightcheck

    Preflightcheck runs various php test scripts to avoid errors when developing and deploying. Preflightcheck is easily extensible.

  • WP-Simonbot

    WP-Simonbot allows you to monitor and check your wordpress front-end performance automatically.

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  • That Was Helpful

    Find out what posts logged-in users found helpful.

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